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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 8, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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months later's authorities say they captured the killer that terrorized southern california for years. the presidential address and prime time and why the democrats are calling it a police city -- publicity stunt. good morning everyone. it is tuesday, january 8. i am michelle griego. >> i am kevin choi. we have emily in and it looks like we have a storm brewing off the coast but it is taking an interesting route. >> it is taking it's time and it cannot be rushed. it is like me, on its own time schedule making for a wet evening. you can see it out here right now. you can see it is mostly moving from the south to the north winding around that low pressure system off the coast. with that low pressure system
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moving in it will bring the frontal boundary with it. it will likely be wet tonight. right now mostly cloudy with the current ginger in san francisco at 53, 49 in santa rosa, 51 and concord and livermore. we have a chance of morning showers with the fuse leading off mostly in the north bay. for most of us it is a dry commute. later today the wind and rain will be wrapping up with that wet weather pattern sticking with this through the weekend. it will be a soggy weekend and unfortunately for those of you that have not yet taken down the christmas tree decorations. 59 in santa rosa and pacifica, 63 in san jose, 59 in fairfield, 61 and concord. we will timeout the rain in a little bit. we are monitoring westbound
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580 but the good news is it is not blocking any lanes, on the right shoulder involving a big rig. we see traffic building and it has been busy coming away from the 205 580 connector. traffic is pretty slow-and-go on the 205 580 area. it gets much better heading toward the 680-580 goblin interchange. at the san mateo bridge traffic is light with no wind advisory in effect and an easy ride as far as the drive time goes, 60 minutes westbound from 880 toward the 101. speaking of 880, here's a live look over 880, free-flowing with no delays. if you're traveling from the colosseum to the bay bridge, and looks pretty good. to the south we see traffic bunching up a little bit. we have the paseo proned day
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with a possible vehicle fire in there could be a big rig involved and we will keep a close eye on that. right now no lanes are blocked and we will get more information when chp arrives on the scene. it was the biggest college game of the season last night with clemson pummeling alabama to claim the national championship but it may not happen in the bay area again due to the poor ticket sales. >> we are at levi's stadium and santa clara with the details. >> reporter: there was a lot of chatter about the ticket prices dropping by as much as 75%, enough to get the diehard fans off the couch into the car and on the plane. the energy in the stadium was described as frenetic with the fans decked out head to toe in orange and purple.
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most of the seats were filled with a few empty spots but ticket sales were underwhelming leading up to the game. the fan base is 2500 miles away in south carolina and alabama. one fan from nashville that decided to make the trip a few hours before the game when he saw the lower level front level seats were only $800, one third of what they would generally go for. >> the prices were dropping on the ticket so i thought why not make the trip. >> reporter: was it a last- minute decision? >> definitely. i decided to make it a day, and i jumped on a plane and came out. >> reporter: they say they expect to take a hit of $8 million-$12 million and looking at the financial loss as the overall win due to the value it brings to the park and it will help to attract more high profile events to the stadium.
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the organizing committee for the game will hold the debriefing conference at 10 am today. the partial government shutdown is in the 18th day, the second longest in history. president trump is demanding the border wall throughout the shutdown and as we take a live look at the white house, president trump will deliver the first primetime oval office address to the american people. >> it is an absolute crisis with criminals and gang members coming through. it is national security and the national emergency. >> tonight the president will make his case for the border wall and says he will visit the border on thursday. some call the televised address a publicity stunt. >> i expect the president to lie to the american people because he has been lying to the american people and will continue to lie to the american people. >> we willhave live coverage right here on kpix 5.
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governor gavin newsom wasted no time when it comes to criticizing president trump in the inaugural speech. >> will offer an alternative to the corruption and incompetence in the white house. >> the governor also spoke about the state standing up against the trump administration policy including the immigration and environment. only hours into the job governor newsom announced the ambitious healthcare for undocumented immigrants, a california for all. he wants to use the medi-cal money to cover the undocumented young adults. as it is now, after the age of 19 undocumented immigrants can no longer get medi-cal and that new proposal would expand the age limit up to 26. rglary charged with killing the busy
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berkeley graduate that was with these young dollars last summer and the 42-year-old anthony rauda fired the shots in june. he is also facing 10 counts of attempted murder in a series of incidents dating back to 2016. the 35-year-old tristan beaudet was found dead in a tent with this two-year-old and four-year- old daughters and they were not hurt. his family was planning to move to the bay area. the investigation into the murder revealed other shootings and all are at or near that same part of the last two years. prosecutors say that anthony rauda wanted a man sleeping in a hammock in the park area and less than one week later he is accused of firing into vehicle. anthony rauda was sentenced to six months for ammunition and guns violations. the suspect was planning a mass shooting at two napa
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schools and the napa investigators said the suspect was a river middle school student and looked at attacking his own school and the vintage high school. the police learned about the intentions from a fellow student and found the evidence at two homes and the investigation is ongoing with several students being interviewed. it is the funeral for jasmine barns, and she was in a car with her mom and three sisters and houston on december 30 when someone opened fire on the car shooting her in the head. they have charged the 20-year- old with capital murder and a second suspect is in jail on drug charges. they believe it was most likely a case of mistaken identity. we have new video out of beijing, china, were 20 children were attacked by a man with a hammer. the man apparently worked there as a janitor and was disgruntled that his contract was not being renewed.
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he went added in a classroom full of kids. the 20 students were injured, three seriously, but all are expected to live. the parents picking up their kids are concerned they did not get enough information on the bizarre hammer attack. >> that was a very bizarre and scary situation. there was a fire on the oil tanker in route to hong kong leaving at least one dead. the vessel was transporting kerosene. the crew jumped into the water with the plans engulfing the ship. they rescued 21 crewmembers and the nearby residents said they heard a loud bang that shook the windows, and it is unclear what started the fire. the north korea leader kim jong-un has arrived at the invitation of the south korean president amid the ongoing trade war between the u.s. and china. some believe that kim is sending a message to president
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trump that there are diplomatic alternatives for south korea and china. something you don't see every day, coming up, the moves ends up inside the hospital lobby but the trick is to get him out, caught on camera. in the meantime stick around for the weather. it is heading our way and it will be a soggy evening. i will tell you about your morning and evening commute. we have a hot spot on 880 and we will take a look at the travel times.
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the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future? please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad.
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welcome back. it is 5:13 am. in your morning health watch, the flu season is picking up and according to the cdc a number of states reporting high flu activity, and the hospitalization rates went up for the children four years old and younger. the death rate remains comparatively low but experts warned that could soon change. the new research in the british medical journal saying that one out of four women were not allowed to control their reproductive life with many young and minority women
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reported not being allowed to choose contraceptives or to start or continue their pregnancy. the british study found people that compare themselves to other facebook users are more likely to notice physical health issues including sleep problems, weight issues and muscle tension. there is new video of the moose walking into the hospital in alaska, of course. you can see the large animal standing in the lobby. he wandered into the building through the motion activated doors and stuck around to munch on the plants. the woman captured several minutes of his stay on camera before he callously walked out the way he came. hospital security make sure the doors were closed behind him and luckily no one was injured. those animals can do some damage. >> we hope that plant was tasty and not plastic.
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>> it does not look like he left a mess, not a bad guest. 880 as we take a live look at the caltrans cameras, extra volume on the southbound side. we are watching the northside is well with reports of a big rig that may have caught on fire. they reported seeing smoke coming from the cab of the big rig. that is north 880 just past linton avenue but not blocking the main lines of 880. you can see the traffic is green and that is a decent speed as you take the nimitz freeway this morning. we have trouble spots on westbound 580 and that was a big rig accident but it has been cleared but the problem is it is 20 minutes until the tow truck large enough to clear the big rig will arrive.
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that is causing a big delay with the busy areas of tracy, westbound and past north flynn road at this point. you should be fine at dublin interchange connecting uck unde cement truck at 580 but not locking lanes. along 680 we have a stalled big rig at highway 24, stuck in one lane. we check in with chp and it looks like they're waiting on the tow truck to arrive. that rig was carrying about 40,000 pounds of stuff which will take some time to clear out of the roadway. lurking at 580, the east shore freeway and one-on-one in the grain. skip the roadways and use the mass transit with everything on time for bar, caltrain and muni. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and we have a few more cars making the trek out of oakland into san
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francisco. >> right now everything appears to be okay for your morning commute. as we take a look at the high death doppler we have showers, but not moving on shore very much moving from the north to the south. you could see a few scattered showers this morning in the santa cruz mountains and you could see a few sprinkles on the windshield. this morning as mostly cloudy as you can see looking toward the east, concord at 51 along with livermore and santa rosa with santa rosa at 53. this low pressure system is pretty strong and mostly everything is swirling around it meeting it is moving from the south to the north. this low pressure system will sliding in into the afternoon and evening with that frontal boundary making landfall leaving us with wet weather and significant storms.
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this leaves behind a few, two at least storms heading our way through the weekend for a soggy couple of days. we have clouds with scattered showers and especially in the north bay moving into the afternoon hours. it is the same thing before the evening when we see that front starting to move through, certainly soggy. 7:00 is when the vast majority of that will be dropping, showers overnight into tomorrow morning with a little bit of clearing. we have a brief break on thursday before the next round moves in on friday. we could see a quarter of an inch of two 2 inches in the north bay. it will be a wet and windy one with a wind advisory going into effect at 1:00 today and mostly in the bay area hills and the coast. we will all see some form of gusting weather so be careful driving home across the bridge.
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later today into tonight the showers will remain into wednesday with a dry break on thursday before we get another round moving in friday of wet weather into the weekend. 50s and 60s with mostly upper 50s, 59 in santa rosa, 61 in concord. 63 in san jose with redwood city at 62. wind and rain today into the afternoon and evening and we will see that picking up. scattered showers on wednesday before a brief dry break on thursday. friday we have the next round of storms moving through before it turns into showers on saturday with the next and third round moving through sunday. we will start next week relatively dry. i am dennis at the levi's stadium, not what happened but how it happened and the alabama beatdown and the highlights and reaction when we come back.
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before we go to break let's take another live look outside at the golden gate bridge, and it is 5:19 am.
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good morning everybody.
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alabama and clemson, it has to be the college football version of the warriors and the cleveland cavaliers. this is the fourth straight time they met at the college football playoffs and the third time for the national championships. there were 74,000 at the levi's stadium. it was 90 seconds into the game when alabama threw the ball picked up for the return of 44 yard touchdown. clemson striking early, 7-0. it is the clemson time answer with the 62 yards, 7-7 less than three minutes into the game. breaking the tackle and barreling into the end zone, a 17 yard score with clemson up, 14-7. that is freshman trevor lawrence shuffling the past for
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the second of three touchdowns in the game, 28-16. it is now 31-16 in the third quarter with lawrence throwing it to ross, alabama racing for the score. lawrence throwing for the 374 yards and three touchdowns, 44- 16 to take the second national title in three years for clemson. finishing the season, 15-0. >> you watch the game and dream about playing in it, did it live up to your expectations or even better for you? >> it was surreal. it was even better. >> we had a great season, but great is not good enough. we did not finish the way we wanted to finish. >> it was lopsided. losing, me personally playing football, i that my entire
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career would not be undefeated because that is unrealistic. all the work we put into see that so lopsided is the surprising part. >> our seniors going out 15-0, being the best ever all year long and we were never in the conversation all year long. tonight there is no doubt. >> in the meantime, down south eight miles from here the sharks look to build off the best win of the season against the lightning. the kings had fallen to the bottom of the western conference, and scoring the go- ahead goal and san jose winning, 3-2, winning 5 of the last 6 games. it is complete that clemson is the winter, and get used to trevor lawrence, the true freshman that has three more years. some experts call him the best true freshman quarterback in the history of college
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football. that is high praise that he earned last night. at levi's stadium, dennis o'donnell. the 49ers after losing millions of dollars hosting the game saying it is not necessarily a bad thing with the live report coming up.
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live from the cps -- cbs the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. an officer is out of a job and accused of offering a suspect help in exchange for sex, and it's not the first time. clemson taking the college football title game and my the expect haitians did not meet reality. the robots and refrigerators replenishing with the fastest self-service yet as we take a look at the future of
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tech. good morning. it is tuesday, and we l -- january 8. i am michelle griego. >> good morning. i am kenny choi. we have a storm brewing off the coast. >> we have a lot to talk about as far as the weather is concerned, and you can see the green off to the right of your screen. it is not a huge amount of rain with a few sprinkles this morning. we see some moving through cloverdale and heading to the south you could see a few sprinkles on your windshield. in the santa cruz mountains we have some sprinkles with the vast majority of the rain not moving through until the evening for soggy and to the day. for most of us it is mostly cloudy. 51 in concord, livermore at 49 and 49 in santa rosa. 53 and san jose and san
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francisco. a chance of morning showers in the north bay and south bay with the wind and rain wrapping up into the evening. we have that wet weather pattern into the evening and into tomorrow. the highs today are seasonal with a mix of 50s and 60s. upper 50s in the north bay. 61 in concord and mountain view, 60 in san francisco and 59 in pacifica. we will timeout the rain a little bit later. we have the travel times, and the meter lights were turned on a few minutes ago with traffic stacking up at least to the front of the maze, slow-and-go ride and sluggish into san francisco. the cat -- looking at the metering lights, busy on the span, 24 minutes from the
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maccarthur maze into san francisco. you may want to use mass transit. it will be busy and in the green on westbound for and the antioch bridge. at the east shore freeway, 880 southbound, 22 minutes, westbound 237 looking great from 880 two 80, 9 minute ride. traffic moving nicely over the golden gate bridge, everything clear through santa rosa and petaluma. if you're traveling into san francisco, give yourself 51 -- 15 minutes using one-on-one southbound. there were two losers at the college championship game and they are scrambling to make up for the poor ticket sales at the levi's stadium. >> we are in santa clara to explain.
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>> reporter: leading up to the big game it was a question of whether it would be the judge with empty seats with ticket prices down 75% compared to the racing years. it looked like college football fans pounced on the tickets. the crews describe the stadium as frenetic with fans decked out from head to toe in the orange and purple. most of the seats were filled but in the days and weeks before the ticket sales were underwhelming, and in large part because the fan bases are 2500 miles away for south carolina and alabama. the ticket sales were one third of what they were last year and that was enough to get a few of the locals to jump in the car for the last minute trip. >> it gives us a chance because we never get a chance to go to the alabama-clemson to watch the big-time games. >> the tailgating and stuff is not is known as it is in the
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south, so maybe this is the start of it all. it should be because it is fun. >> i think the fan bases love to be in the area like this, somewhere new. >> the 49ers are the hosting team and they say that expected take a loss of eight to $12 million. they are looking at the financial loss as an overall win due to the financial value that you bring to the park to attract the whole high profile events to the stadium. they will have a press conference at 10 am to go over the numbers. the burlingame police officer is out of a job for offering to help a woman that was charged with dui if she would agree to have sex with him. the bad behavior was brought to the like thanks of the new law and the senator nancy skinner bill gives access to the records of officers that have
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been charged with misconduct or those that have caused bodily injury or death with excessive use of force. the inglewood police rated the records days before the law went into effect and they claimed it was to make space. >> i would ask them what they are trying to hide and do they have something they are trying to hide. >> this is absolutely inappropriate and my concern is whether other police departments are quietly doing the same thing and if they have, shame on them and that to be exposed. >> we reached out to the inglewood police officers about the officer that was fired last year and were told that the chief was gone for the day. we take a live look in jordan ware secretary of state mike pompeo arrived an hour ago and speaking with the jordan foreign minister talking about middle east policy. the u.s. is facing questions on the plans they are talking about pulling the troops from syria. one of the main goals of the
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mission for mike pompeo is to ramp up the pressure on iran and the other stops will be egypt along with the gulf relations. we will see what comes out of the visit, and thank you. it is 5:36 am. and only hours the president will make his case for the border wall and the primetime address from the oval office to the nation. president trump wants $5.7 billion to build the wall at the us-mexico border. you can watch the presidential address right here on kpix 5 at 6:00 this evening and democrats are expected to make a rebuttal directly after the speech. it is day 18 of the partial government shutdown. to lessen the impact, the trump administration announced the irs will process tax refunds and provide help with
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taxpayers. >> they need to have the refund to pay bills they piled up during the holiday season or even things like rent, food and so on. >> the irs will have to recall the furlough workers meeting they will work without pay if the agreement is not reached by midnight tonight, 800,000 workers will also miss the paycheck. the national weather service is affected by the shutdown, and many forecasters are not getting paid during the shutdown. one manager said that forecasting models are not getting maintained and there is concern that the effects could be felt for months. the gabby giffords congresswoman returns the capitol hill to introduce a bill on gun background checks and will join nancy pelosi and california congressman mike thompson to unveil the bill that would require background checks on private transactions
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for gun sales falling on the eighth anniversary of the shooting that nearly killed giffords leaving six others dead. the san francisco supervisors will meet for the first time in the new year and here's a live look over city hall and the first order of business is to elect the new president. the top contenders include hillary ronning, rafael mendel made and norman yee. retailers get a second chance to meet the strict requirements in the sales of recreational pot in san francisco. officials voted to grandfather in 12 sites that either missed a deadline to obtain the temporary permit to sell recreational marijuana or failed to abide by the rule that restricts businesses from operating within 600 feet of one another. the 2019 consumer electronic show starts today and it has been a busy week loaded with innovative
5:39 am
technologies and new gadgets and announcements from the world's largest hardware makers. samsung unveiled the new massive wall size tv and the tech giant unveiled the high tech refrigerator that will display recipes on the doors. all samsung devices can talk to each other with the use of the ai. the samsung will also release the 5g phone. >> it will follow the 4g for more bandwidth and higher speed to the phones and also the cars. >> at the annual technology showcase robots are learning to do more. this one can fold your shirts and pants, but not the sheets you yet. -- smart home appliances are getting smarter and this refrigerator will tell you when you're out of beer and it will or do you another six pack. >> there is a focus on health including the sleep mask to
5:40 am
stop snoring, and one will monitor your bladder fullness and a wristwatch that will take your blood pressure in seconds. we have uber air debuting the flying taxi and the 5% hybrid vehicle would use fans to take off and land vertically. the group of nine financial heavyweights in the u.s. are planning a new stock exchange to rival the new york stock exchange and nasdaq. bank of america, morgan stanley and ubs are backing it, calling themselves the members exchange. they say will reduce the overall cost for trading but will not get fcc approval until 2020 at the earliest. it is 5:40 am. coming up, how these guys raced to save the couple caught in the current with no lifeguard on duty. here's a live look outside
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from the dublin cam, dark and cloudy. we have your traffic update coming up after the break and we will hear from emily on the forecast. we will be right back.
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i am aiim a big at the live desk as we count down the hours to the demise of the sears corporation. it is a picture of the retail in america. right now sears is facing a deadline at the bankruptcy court and there will be a hearing this morning and sears will have to decide whether to take the buyout offer or they will start the liquidation proceedings. we have been seeing a lot of
5:44 am
reports citing sources close to the company saying they will go with the liquidation. they will start closing down the stores. there is a bit on the table o, i to keep more than 400 of the 500 stores open and to keep tens of thousands of employees in a job. but again, it looks like sears will not accept that and they will appear in court later this morning. >> this is so nostalgic. sears has been around for so long and how many of us have purchased appliances from sears. >> with the catalog, it was a big deal. but if they liquidate there will be many fire sales meeting big deals on things like that. >> it is the amazon affect of more stores closing. the visitors to the beaches in the australia queens land getting a nasty surprise with
5:45 am
jellyfish stinging over 3000 people. the lifeguards temporarily closed several beaches. the jellyfish onslaught was the result of the strong wind forcing the blue bottles sure. we have a pair of men that are called heroes after rescuing the couple in the high surf waving their arms and waving for help. they saw the swimmers caught in the rip current and getting tired. they paddled toward them and they had the man grabbed the ankle and alex got the woman. >> she was struggling trying to get inside and on paddled to the inside and grabbed the girl to let her rest on my board for a while. >> four high school students help the guys get the couple ashore. rescue crews arrived 10 minutes later and the swimmers were fine. >> most bay area beaches had 4
5:46 am
or 5 but on that day it was 13 to 15 feet, so they are lucky. >> that current pulled them out quickly. they are so lucky the guys were there and that the surfers were there to help them. there is a high rip current advisory going into affect tonight so don't go swimming tonight. >> probably not the best time to go swimming after dark. it will certainly be dangerous out there. what do the roads look like right now? >> it is busy out of tracy through the altamont pass with a handful of accidents along the 580 causing more backups than usual. just to get through the tracy portion, the 205-580 is 45 minutes and another 30 minutes to get through the backup, standing room only. westbound 580 we see brake lights from the 205 into
5:47 am
greenville and the altamont pass road. the right shoulder problem involving the big rig, not blocking the lanes but causing delays. we have speeds improving at the dublin interchange. in the south bay on highway 17 we have a trouble spot at the summit road with the car facing the wrong way on the right shoulder with a lot of activity on scene causing spectators slowing. it is slow-and-go. at the 101 we have brake lights northbound from morgan hill to concord and brake lights in the san jose. the commute is taking shape coming away from the two 8680 connector northbound of 101. here's a live look at the bay area bridges, and the meter lights are on at the foot of
5:48 am
the maze, slow-and-go. it looks better on the upper deck of the bay bridge into san francisco. looking at the richmond san rafael bridge we have cars with more volume westbound. the san mateo bridge, so far so good with no delays into foster city but heads-up at the connector on 101. at this point we have mostly cloudy looking at the high def doppler with a few showers. we see a little bit of precipitation. you will see it on the wind chill driving into work. scotts valley with a few showers and for the vast majority of us it will be a dry commute. looking at the live cameras over san francisco, cloudy but not wet yet, changing into the evening. san francisco 53, 51 in concord, 49 in santa rosa. right now most of the showers are spinning around this with some rain moving from the south
5:49 am
to the north along the coast but not really moving inland. that will move when that low pressure slides the end bringing that frontal boundary making it nice and wet for the evening commute, certainly overnight into tomorrow. right now mostly cloudy with a few showers. into the afternoon a few showers before the evening when we see that front starting to move in, soaking the bay area dropping quite a bit of rain. moving into tomorrow it will be showers on and off on wednesday before we have the brief break dry day thursday, the only dry day this week. this storm will bring with it a quarter inch, close to 2 inches in the north bay and in the mountain areas you will certainly see the vast majority of the rain. we have a wind advisory in effect starting at 1:00 this afternoon with the wind picking up the later we get.
5:50 am
anywhere in the purple is close to 50 miles an hour wind gusting at inland mountains. everywhere pretty much will see windy weather today. the rain picking up into the afternoon and showers remaining on wednesday before we get a brief break on thursday with another round of storms moving in friday. the high temperatures today a mix of upper 50s to low 60s. 59 in santa rosa and pacifica, 63 in san jose, 61 in concord and oakland. sunrise at 7:25 am with sunset at 5:07 pm. the wind and rain was showers tomorrow, a brief break on thursday with round 2 moving in and brown 3 on sunday. keep your galoshes in umbrella. it is 5:50 am.
5:51 am
a couple takes in the homeless veteran for christmas and coming up, that simple act of kindness snowballs into life- changing family reunion. let's had outside once again with this beautiful shot from emeryville looking at san francisco. you can see the bay bridge and traffic coming into the city. it is 5:51 am.
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welcome back. it is 5:53 am. we have brake light southbound 680 at walnut creek woods -- with speeds dipping down to 35 miles an hour and some spots. of course looking at 24 to the bay bridge, expect delays once you get into oakland. it is not every day you get to change someone's life and one couple goes the extra mile to help the homeless veteran. >> it started at the whole foods when they spotted allen, they started up a conversation and parted ways. the next morning they spent hours searching for the veteran and and within minutes touching hearts. >> we said are you going to stay here and we will stay with
5:55 am
you or are you coming with us to get help. >> allen had an entire life before being homeless, a vietnam veteran that was awarded the purple heart fear his family has been searching for him for almost 40 years. >> i had almost given up hope of ever seeing him. just coming up to a daddy and all the time fear nobody knew anything or could find him. >> it is right here and going fast fear -- >> i am glad you are still here. >> that was his sister on the phone, and the first time they have spoken in decades fear julie hopes she can fly to arizona later this month to reunite with allen. >> we hope that will be a go. >> it brings tears to my eyes. >> it is a heartbreaking story
5:56 am
but also to see the reunion. it is 5:55 am, and we will get michelle some tissues during the break. governor gavin newsom hitting the ground running and details on the new thcare proposal. an earthquake just hit off the coast of japan with the latest information coming in from that side of the world next fear it is the big college football game that is over but was it a success? that depends on who you ask with the live report coming up.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . we have wet weather heading our way. the california man is charged with murder months after the berkeley man was shot sleeping next to his young pres
6:00 am
the push for the long promised border wall. good morning. it is tuesday, january 8. i am michelle greg go. >> good morning. i am kenny choi. we have a storm heading our direction what they wet trip home tonight. not for us but for everybody else . you guys that have normal schedules will have to pay the price driving home. it will be eight soggy commute. right now only a few showers . we zoom in to the north bay and the santa cruz mountains, and we could see a few heading toward santa rosa and calistoga with a few showers but not significant rain. for the vast majority of us it will be a dry commute. we have showers in the santa


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